Wooden doors adorn the home.

The best option for a more representative appearance of homes is custom-made solid wood doors. Doors must provide us with security and protect us from heat loss. Nowadays, wooden doors are preferred in the construction of houses and apartments. Estonia is known for its abundant forests and we have a lifelong special skill in woodworking.

Doors are the pearls of a true house. The natural beauty of wood and the healthy energy of wood create a special atmosphere of peace and comfort. Warm and vibrant wood creates a cozy feeling at home, extending bright and positive emotions. In addition, wood is a renewable and environmentally friendly material because it captures carbon even when it has become a window or a door.

Pumeko AS employs craftsmanship in door manufacturing. We use only natural wood for our products. We produce doors and windows from pine and oak wood. All doors are made to order according to the customer’s preferences and needs.

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