Installation Guide of Wooden Doors

Pumeko puidust aknad
  • The opening for the door to be installed must be 4-5 cm larger than the frame dimensions.
  • The door frame must be supported on a smooth surface.
  • Check the correctness of placing the frame using a level.
  • Align the side surfaces of the frame and adjust accurately with wedges if necessary.
  • Drill 8mm holes in the wall for attaching the frame, with a depth ranging from 80-100mm. Use metal frame plugs (10×132) for attaching.
  • Insert the plug into the wall and screw it in through the frame.
  • Before finalizing the attachment of the door frame, check the frame’s alignment and level.
  • Install the door onto the leveled frame and verify the evenness of gaps between the frame and the door, adjusting if needed.
  • Check the door’s closing and free movement.
  • Cover the frame attachment holes with plastic caps.
  • Use expanding polyurethane foam (Penoflex) to secure the door in place.