Solid wood interior doors

Stylish Interior Identity of Home

Interior doors are an essential part of every home’s interior environment, shaping not only the layout of rooms but also the overall atmosphere. They are like silent storytellers, revealing the residents’ taste, personality, and lifestyle. Interior doors play a significant role in both aesthetics and practicality, shaping the dynamics and nature of the house’s spaces. They serve as the entry portal to various worlds within the home, opening the door to personal moments and family togetherness.

We craft both solid doors and glass doors. Each door is made to order according to your preferences. The most common materials used are pine, oak, and ash. Doors can also be veneered. Thresholds are made of oak wood. For glass doors, we install clear, tinted, or frosted glass, double glazing, or stained glass. Doors can be stained, varnished, or painted.

Custom-made interior doors

By choosing interior doors with the right style, the homeowner can customize the overall appearance of the rooms according to their preferences. Classic panel doors and modern glass doors – all types of interior doors tell their own story, helping to create a unique atmosphere.

When choosing interior doors, there are no limits, as different interiors require different solutions. Pumeko custom-made interior doors allow you to choose not only materials, colors, and styles but also functionality and finishing details. Each house is its own world, and custom-made doors enable customization of the interior to meet the needs of every family member.

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Material Options - oak, ash, pine, and others

The choice of materials determines the durability and appearance of interior doors. Wood has always been the preferred option, bringing warmth and natural beauty to the home. Pine, oak, and ash are materials that add their unique color and texture. Doors covered with veneer add visual diversity, creating contrasts and stylish harmony. The selection of wood has a direct impact on both the durability and the aesthetics of interior doors.

Glass doors are an excellent way to create an open and spacious feeling in rooms. They allow light to flow freely, establishing a visual connection between different spaces. Glass doors can be clear or tinted, frosted or patterned, giving the room a unique look. In addition to their visual beauty, glass doors also help improve room acoustics, creating a more open and natural sound environment.

Fire doors - security and safety

The role of interior doors extends beyond just appearance and functionality. Fire doors are important for security and safety. These doors are designed to stop the spread of fire, protecting residents and property from potential hazards. Wooden fire doors allow for the creation of a safety barrier while preserving the style and aesthetics of the rooms.

Wooden fire doors EI15 and EI30

Wooden fire doors are typically used within a fire resistance time limit of 15-30 minutes. Dense wood types such as oak can be used to create doors (including window frames) with a real fire resistance limit of up to 30 minutes. For standard fire doors, we use certification, and for custom-sized fire doors, we obtain approval from the relevant fire safety specialists at the rescue center.

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Play of finishes - colors, stains, and varnishes

The finishing of interior doors has a significant impact on their overall appearance and durability. Doors can be stained, varnished, or painted, according to the interior design style and the homeowners’ taste. The finish adds personality to the doors and protects them from everyday use and environmental factors.

Interior doors as ornaments of the inner space

Interior doors are more than just dividers of internal space. They are visual artworks, personalized choices, and guardians of a secure home. It’s the interior doors that define the inner appearance of a home and create an atmosphere that tells the story of its inhabitants. By choosing the right interior doors, homeowners can shape rooms according to their unique personalities and needs, creating a living environment that reflects their style and comfort.

How is a new interior door made?

  • Measurement and Design – We create the door’s initial design, either based on an existing project or according to the design concept.
  • Door Crafting – The door is crafted by Pumeko specialists with extensive experience who put their heart into their work.
  • Installation – After the door is crafted, we perform the installation and provide a 2-year warranty.
  • Aftercare

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