Usage and Maintenance Guide for Doors and Windows

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Doors and windows must perform all their functions flawlessly and over the long term.

To achieve this, the customer must use the product purposefully and maintain it regularly. Proper pre-installation storage must not be forgotten!


Surface Maintenance and Care

After the installation of the products, clean the surfaces of the product. Only non-abrasive agents are suitable for cleaning painted wooden surfaces. For example, a solution of soap in water, a solution of washing detergent based on Fairy, a solution of 5% alcohol in water, etc.

Do not clean painted wooden surfaces with glass cleaning agents!

If the product surface is covered with tape, make sure not to keep the tape on the product for more than two weeks.

After installation, check if the wooden surfaces are intact. Cover damaged areas immediately with touch-up paint. If necessary, contact the manufacturer. *To maintain the validity of the 2-year warranty period, it is necessary to wash the products with the prescribed agents at least once a year.


Hinges and Closures

For smooth opening and closing of windows and doors, it is recommended to lubricate the designated points once a year with regular household machine oil.



For longevity, clean and lubricate the seals with silicone oil once a year.


Basic Rules for Product Maintenance

After installation, check that the product is not soiled or damaged.

When cleaning the product, use only the agents allowed in the maintenance guide.

Cover damaged surfaces immediately with touch-up paint.

To ensure the flawless operation of the product, lubricate moving parts at least once a year.

Avoid glass cleaning agents coming into contact with finished surfaces.

For longevity, clean and lubricate seals with silicone oil once a year.