Renovation of Doors and Windows

Preserving history and adding value

Old doors and windows are often true treasures of many houses or apartments. They tell stories of the past, add historical character, and create a unique atmosphere. However, over time, these works of art may require careful restoration and revitalization. This is where wood-related renovation comes into play, helping to preserve their beauty and value and breathe new life into them.

Traditional doors and windows are more than just interior and exterior openings. They are windows to the past, reflecting craftsmanship and style of bygone eras. Restored doors and windows bring much more than just a physical renewal – they remind us of the handwriting of previous generations and add historical value and a unique ambiance to our homes.

Typical problems of doors and windows - signs of aging

Over time, doors and windows cannot escape the effects of aging. Wind can pass through cracks, doors may start creaking, and wood can expand or contract, causing usability issues. Door handles may begin to rattle, and door frames may start sagging. All these signs indicate that it’s time to consider restoration or renovation.

Increasing the value of old doors and windows

Restoration and renovation are not only about improving the physical condition of a building, but also an investment in the future. High-quality restored or renovated doors and windows can increase the value of the property and make it more appealing for sale or rent. Additionally, there is joy in daily enjoyment of their beauty and historical value.

The process of restoring doors and windows

During restoration, the goal is to preserve as much of the original as possible. This can involve cleaning, sanding, replacing damaged parts, and finishing according to historical style. Restoration requires great precision and skills to ensure the authentic appearance of doors and windows while enhancing their functionality.

Enhancing the Original

Sometimes it may be necessary to create a new door or window when restoration is not feasible or practical. In such cases, a replica can be made based on the original, preserving its style and character. The new replica may offer enhanced features that the original didn’t have, such as improved fire resistance or insulation properties.

Preserving History and Thinking Ahead to the Future

Restoring and renovating old doors and windows is a balanced approach to preserving the past and meeting the needs of the future. It’s a step in conserving history while creating practical and aesthetic solutions for modern life. The uniqueness and history of each building are values worth preserving, and restoring old doors and windows allows this to be done as authentically as possible.


  • There’s a draft coming through your door, it needs new seals
  • The door creaks and needs oiling
  • The door has sagged from its frame
  • The wood has expanded or contracted over time, causing the door to stick
  • The door handles are rattling
  • The door frames are worn out


You’re in the right hands… We’ll make your door new again!

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How does renovation work?

For the doors in need of renovation, if necessary, we offer a temporary door replacement so that your home remains secure.

Our employees have extensive experience in restoring old doors. When authentically restoring doors and windows, we preserve the character of the house and the surroundings. During the process, your doors will regain their beautiful appearance. Doors are finished with colors based on the color chart.

How does the renovation process work?

  • Door or window manufacturing – The door or window is manufactured by Pumeko specialists with extensive experience.
  • Installation – After the door or window is manufactured, we perform the installation and provide a warranty.
  • Aftercare

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