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Pumeko Ltd. is an Estonian-capital-based company founded in 1995.

We bring wood to life!

Pumeko As specializes in custom-made wooden doors and windows. Our goal is to produce various high-quality wooden products based on the client’s or architect’s drawings. Even the most intricate details of modern residential design are brought to life through skillful woodworking. At the same time, our high-level craftsmanship allows us to restore the stylistic solutions encountered in the restoration of older houses. Through years of work, we have contributed to the transformation of Tallinn and its surroundings.

We have the expertise to make your house or apartment truly unique! The majority of our clients consist of homeowners, housing associations, institutions, and individuals who do not want to settle for mass-produced items and seek something exceptional. If desired, we are ready to propose a suitable customized solution for creating a distinctive product.

Our employees are professionals in their field, having received excellent training. Through crafting custom wooden orders, we have gained extensive experience and mastered skillful techniques.

Pumeko Ltd. provides its products with the CE marking, guaranteeing compliance with all essential requirements for occupational health and safety.


Production Guidelines:

Pumeko Ltd.’s production guideline system is created in accordance with custom-made non-serial production.
The production guideline system complies with EN ISO 9001 requirements.
The compliance of custom-made products is controlled, evaluated, and documented.
The manufacturer issues a declaration of conformity and the CE marking for the product, detailing all relevant properties.
The person responsible for the production guidelines is Kazmar Läns.