These beautiful wooden doors

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A wooden door defines the style of the residence!

A door defines the style of the residence and speaks volumes about its occupants. It’s one of the first things noticed when looking at a house or apartment building from the outside! The successful choice of doors guarantees a unique appearance for the house.

We offer outward-opening weatherproof doors, which are divided into: solid wood doors, veneered exterior and interior doors, and moisture-resistant panel doors. We also manufacture fire-resistant and soundproof doors. All doors are made to order. The most common materials used are pine, oak, and ash. Thresholds are mostly made of oak wood. Only in collaboration with the customer can we find the right shape and technological solution for the door and window. Color options can be chosen from a color chart.

Natural beauty and durability.

Wood has always been a preferred choice of material, bringing with it natural warmth and character. Wooden doors are true works of art that allow nature to speak. Solid wood exterior doors, options with veneer coverings, and moisture-resistant panel doors – all of these have their unique qualities that add character and individuality to the house.

Wooden doors as the calling card of the house

Exterior doors are the calling card of the building, presenting the personality of the house even before we take a step inside. They can be classic, modern, infused with historical charm, or minimalist. By choosing the right exterior door, the house tells a story and gives an insight into the taste of its owners. Wooden doors turn the house into a complete work of art, expressing the personality of its inhabitants.

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Security and functionality

In addition to aesthetics, exterior doors must also ensure security. The quality and construction of an exterior door play a crucial role in ensuring home security. Wooden doors offer several security measures, ranging from strong locks to durable glass and frame structures. Exterior doors act as security gates, keeping residents and property safe.

Personalized design

One of the greatest advantages of wooden exterior doors is their customizability. Exterior doors made to order allow for choosing not only materials and size, but also style and design. These doors enable homeowners to freely express their creativity and create an exterior door that reflects their personality and the overall style of the house.

Energy-efficient wooden doors

Wood is a natural thermal insulator. Energy-efficient wooden doors help maintain a stable indoor climate, reducing heating and cooling costs. This is especially important during the winter period, when cold winds and temperature fluctuations can affect the indoor air of the home. Wood is naturally durable and thermoregulating material, adding comfort to the home.

Exterior doors, as the face and heart of a home

Wooden exterior doors create unity and harmony, connecting the appearance of the house with its interior. These doors are not just physical barriers, but they carry stories, personality, and a sense of security. Whether you choose a classic wooden exterior door for a historic house or a modern variant for a contemporary home environment, one thing is certain: these doors shape not only the appearance of the house but also its soul. Through wooden exterior doors, the home welcomes its residents and guests, creating a first impression and opening the path to new stories and unforgettable moments.

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How is a new door made?

  • Measurement and Design – We create the door concept based on either an existing project or a project design.
  • Door Production – The door is crafted by Pumeko specialists who possess extensive experience and carry out their work with dedication.
  • Installation – After the door is manufactured, we perform the installation and provide a 2-year warranty.
  • Aftercare

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