The best wooden windows

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Wooden windows are the eyes of the house!

Wooden windows crafted with heart offer emotional delight. Crafting wooden windows requires great skill and years of experience.

The wooden windows we produce are widely used in renovated houses, and even modern homes find unique windows from us that don’t resemble conventional products. All wooden windows are made to order. We also manufacture fire-resistant and soundproof windows for offices, industrial buildings, or apartments.

We predominantly use materials such as pine and spruce laminated wood, as well as oak laminated wood. We create windows with both inward and outward opening frames. The opening styles for window frames are sideways. The choice of window hardware includes industrial options or antique crémone bolts. Upon request, we also provide wooden window sills to complement the windows.

Wooden windows, embodying the beauty and functionality of nature in the heart of your home.

Wooden windows – they are much more than just windows. They are the eyes of a home, opening to the world and allowing light and energy to flow freely. Windows are not merely functional elements; they are true works of art that carry the beauty of nature and timeless elegance. Their charm lies in their versatility – from different types of wood to styles and finishes. Windows not only influence the appearance of a building but also offer comfort, energy efficiency, and depth to the home environment.The natural beauty of wooden windows is incomparable. Each type of wood has a unique texture, color, and grain pattern that gives windows character. Whether it’s pine, spruce, oak, or any other wood, each choice tells its own story. These natural details bring warmth and intimacy to a house, which is hard to achieve with plastic or metal windows. The wood used for windows is a true gift from nature, embodying years of growth and strength.

Wooden windows give the house character.

Wooden windows are not only aesthetic, but they also play a significant role in the entire structure of the building. Their functionality and strength are key factors that influence the integrity and durability of the structure. Windows are naturally resilient to weather conditions when properly maintained. Renovation and quality maintenance of windows ensure that they remain beautiful and strong for decades, keeping the household secure.The historical value of wooden windows is invaluable. In the case of historic buildings, wooden windows often represent the era and style of the building. Their unique finish, details, and dimensions can tell a story of the past, carrying the lifestyle and construction methods of bygone times. Renovating windows in historic buildings is a delicate process that preserves original details and features, maintaining the authenticity and historical value of the building. Renovated windows and doors bring back the original charm of the house.

The Energy Efficiency of Wooden Windows

When choosing wooden windows, it is important to consider several aspects. Firstly, the style of the windows should harmonize with the overall appearance of the building. It could be a romantic Tudor-style house with windows or a modern minimalist house where wooden windows add a natural contrast. Secondly, the functionality of the windows determines how they interact with the structure of the building. Opening windows allow for regulating airflow and lighting and create a connection to the outside world.When selecting windows, energy efficiency should also be taken into account. Nowadays, there are wooden windows equipped with modern insulation materials and seals that reduce heat loss and help keep energy costs lower. High-quality windows can maintain indoor temperatures, which in turn affects energy consumption and environmental friendliness.

Wooden Windows and Security

Wooden windows also have a practical dimension – they offer comfort and security to the occupants of the house. High-quality windows are equipped with strong locks and security features that ensure home safety. Additionally, wooden windows are effective noise dampeners, creating a peaceful environment even in busy traffic areas.

Wooden windows possess a timeless beauty that never goes out of style. They are durable and functional while adding character and warmth to the building. Renovating wooden windows is an investment that increases the overall value of the property and makes it more appealing to both owners and potential buyers. These windows are not just windows; they are an experience that connects nature and home. So, when considering window replacement or renovation, don’t forget the enchanting power of wooden windows, which can turn your home into a true sanctuary amidst nature.

How is a new window made?

  • Measurement and Design – We create a window concept based on either an existing project or a project design.
  • Window Manufacturing – The window is crafted by Pumeko specialists.
  • Installation – After the window is manufactured, we perform the installation and provide a 2-year warranty.
  • Aftercare

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