Warranty conditions

The products manufactured by as pumeko are covered by a two – year warranty, the prerequisite for which is compliance with the company’s installation and operation instructions. Warranty conditions apply to products located on the territory of EV. The warranty period begins with the delivery of the product to the customer and is based on the invoice issued by as pumeko certifying the purchase.


1. General conditions
1. AS Pumeko provides a 2 (two) year warranty for its manufactured products against possible structural, manufacturing and material defects, and a warranty from the manufacturer’s factory for products completed during production. The warranty period begins with the delivery of the product to the buyer. Warranty conditions apply to products located on the territory of EV. The guarantee is based on a duly completed invoice or purchase receipt confirming the purchase, which is joined to the warranty conditions given.
2. During the warranty period, the buyer is subject to the legal rights and only the conditions and obligations set out in this document.
3. The validity of the warranty terms presupposes compliance with all the conditions set out in this document.
4. In addition to the rights arising from the guarantee, the consumer also has other rights arising from the law.

2. Warranty content
1. The warranty covers: surface damage of the product, which is visually noticeable when light falls from a distance of 1-2 meters from the back; defects in the design, manufacture and material of the product and damage caused by such defects to the product itself, about which representatives of as pumeko have been notified in writing. The warranty covers the costs of repairing the aforementioned defects and damage caused by them to the product.
2. The correction of defects covered by the product warranty is organised and carried out by the official representative of as pumeko. The time during which the product could not be used normally due to its defects and the product was in warranty repair is added to the normal warranty time.

3. Warranty limitations
1. This warranty applies provided that the product is installed and used and maintained in accordance with the product installation, use and maintenance instructions.
2. Carrying out the work described in the maintenance and operation instructions is paid. 3. The warranty does not cover any malfunction or damage caused by parts, materials or parts attached to the product that are not in accordance with the installation and operation instructions.
3. The warranty does not cover malfunctions and damage caused by improper installation, use and maintenance. If the product is purchased together with the installation service, the installation work is also covered by the warranty.
4. The warranty does not cover changes in the properties of the product caused by various environmental influences, such as temperature changes, wind impacts, building structures, air pollution (dust, etc.).
5. The warranty does not cover changes in Product Characteristics caused by product neglect. For example, the warranty does not cover the adjustment of door closers, door locks and other devices.
6. The warranty also does not cover malfunctions caused by careless damage to the product, breakage, and unforeseen and other circumstances falling under Force Majeure (such as fire, etc.).
7. The warranty does not cover corrosion damage caused by damage to the coating or surface of the product.
8. The warranty does not cover the breakage of already installed glass or glass unit, as the factors affecting it are no longer under the control of as pumeko. Such factors, for example, can be: – mechanical impact on glass, the cause of which may be:
* Careless handling, storage and/or transportation of glass by the customer; transportation or storage in a horizontal position. Glass must always be transported, stored and raised vertically
* Hit the glass with a soft or hard object. – mechanical pressure on the glass, which can be caused by:
* Bending load on glass during house sinking
* Point-shaped pressure on the edge of the glass
* Deformation of structures, uneven heating of glass (a temperature difference of 40 town C is dangerous for non-tempered glass), which can be caused by:
* Shadows fall on the glass, resulting in large temperature differences
* Installation of film, aluminium foil, adhesive profile, etc. on whole or part of glass unit
* Abnormal heating of glass when blinds or blinds are installed without leaving a sufficient air gap behind the glass unit. – vibration, which can be caused by:
* Vibration from the noise of airplanes, heavy vehicles, explosions
* Shocks, shock, especially when opening a window or door carelessly-closing 10. The warranty also does not cover natural wear or minor defects that do not affect the intended use of the product, such as scratches or wear on the coating.
9. Under warranty, consumables such as batteries for door latches, incandescent lamps for door automation lighting, etc. are not subject to replacement
10. The warranty conditions do not apply to locks and fittings disassembled from doors purchased, installed or used by the customer.
11. Without a duly completed purchase receipt or invoice or in the absence of warranty conditions, the warranty will not be valid.
12. The warranty period is interrupted in case of non-compliance with payment obligations after receiving the product

4. Measures when an error occurs
If you have discovered a product error during the warranty period, follow these steps::
1. Make sure that you have complied with all the instructions and conditions set out in this document and check the availability and correctness of the warranty documents.
2. Send a written notice to as pumeko no later than 14 days, in case of sale to the consumer within two months.
3. As Pumeko undertakes to send a competent employee to inspect your product within the Republic of Estonia as soon as possible within a reasonable period of time.
4. Submit to the representative of as Pumeko a document certifying the purchase and a claim form.
5. The representative shall verify the existence of the error and, if possible, explain the reason for the error and indicate it in the rectification form.
6. If, in the course of the inspection and verification of the alleged error, it becomes clear that the product is in conformity and no error is detected, the sender of the written notice is obliged to pay the costs associated with the verification. If disagreements arise, the case is resolved in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law.
7. Warranty checks and works are carried out only by an official representative engaged in maintenance and repair of as pumeko.
8. Warranty works are performed during normal working hours, respectively, on weekdays from 8.00 to 17.00. For repairs performed outside working hours, the representative engaged in maintenance and repair of as pumeko has the right to demand an additional fee.

5. Instructions required for warranty
The installation, use and maintenance of the products must comply with the installation, use and maintenance instructions of as pumeko or the manufacturer of the product. These instructions are part of the warranty terms.

The warranty does not cover:

– Thermal breakage of glass units.
– Products which have been processed since acceptance (sawn, drilled, milled, finished, etc.).
– Products on which, after delivery to the customer, unsuitable accessories have been attached or the surface of the product has been covered with unsuitable finishing material (if necessary, the sales representative must be consulted beforehand).
– The guarantee requested under the special conditions is not specified in the contract.
– Products for which the customer has not paid 100%.
– Wooden exterior doors, if they are not protected by a canopy at least one meter wide above the door or are not located in a niche at least one meter deep.
– The reclamable product has been kept without adequate protection from patching or external influences (rain, dust, Accidental Impacts, scratches, etc.) prior to installation.
– The product or part to be reclaimed has been affected by external physical influences (impact, pressure, displacement of supporting structures, vibration, etc.).
– The error has been caused by exceptional weather and use conditions (e.g. strong winds, intensive use, etc.) that are not covered by the contract.
– The product is installed before the end of concrete or plastering work.
– Environmental impurity effects (soot, acids, etc.).

In the event of non-compliance, the manufacturer or dealer shall be notified in writing within two weeks at the latest.
If the claim submitted is not justified or a guarantee does not apply to it, the claimant is obliged to pay all expenses incurred by as pumeko in processing the claim.