Metal doors

Security and Functionality Behind Every Metal Door

Metal doors are durable and versatile solutions that meet high security standards and offer functionality both indoors and outdoors.

Doors have a wide range of applications, whether it’s an exterior door, basement door, garage door, shed door, fire door, or even a garden gate.

Design Your Metal Doors Uniquely

Metal doors are always made according to the customer’s preferences and needs.

This means that each door is unique and customized for a specific purpose and design preference.

Whether you need a sturdy and secure exterior door or an elegant and practical interior door, doors can fulfill various roles.

Fire Doors EI30 and EI60

Metal fire doors are primarily intended for use as fire separation doors in residential buildings, industrial buildings, and office buildings.

Fire doors are also suitable for use as exterior doors or apartment doors to enhance fire protection.

For standard fire doors, we use a certificate; for custom-sized fire doors, we obtain approval from the relevant fire safety specialists at the rescue center.

When ordering fire doors, we recommend paying attention to the regulations issued by the Government of the Republic, valid from 01.07.2005.

Importance of Fire Safety Regulations

When ordering fire doors, it is important to follow the applicable fire safety regulations.

Construction fire safety regulations ensure that the building is equipped with appropriate fire protection measures to prevent the occurrence and spread of fires.

When ordering metal fire doors, attention should be paid to regulations issued by the Government of the Republic, which clearly stipulate fire safety requirements for buildings.

Metal Doors - Strength and Elegance

Doors don’t just have to be secure; they can also be visually pleasing.

The versatility of metal doors allows you to choose from different designs, finishes, and details that add elegance and style.

Metal can be strong and aesthetically pleasing, making it an ideal choice for both functionality and beauty.

Modern and Timeless

Metal doors offer modern solutions that meet today’s security requirements.

At the same time, they also fit into more classical architectural contexts, offering timeless style.

Doors can be part of the exterior or interior design of a building, providing a strong and stable identity.

Security, Functionality, and Design in One Package

Metal doors are much more than just internal or external barriers.

They are functional security measures that also offer design solutions.

Doors have a wide range of applications, from fire-resistant doors to elegant interior doors.

Whether the choice is focused on security, fire safety, or simply style, metal doors rise to the challenge and fulfill their role in ensuring the integrity and security of the building.

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