The calling card of a house is the front door, and the eyes are the windows.

Often, the main entrance of a house is its calling card. The door defines the style of the residence and reveals a lot about its inhabitants. The unique appearance of the house is guaranteed by a successful choice of doors. Doors are custom-made by Pumeko specialists who have received proper training and possess extensive professional experience. The most common materials used are pine, oak, and ash laminated timber.

In collaboration with the client, we find the right shape and technological solution for the door. External doors often feature insulated glass units or stained glass. Windows are the eyes of the house. Crafting them successfully requires great skill and extensive experience. Pumeko produces windows on a custom order basis mainly for renovated houses and buildings in the historic district and culturally valuable areas of Tallinn. Additionally, modern homes can find unique windows with us, differing from standard production. The materials used are pine and oak laminated timber. The doors and windows manufactured by Pumeko blend well with the local environment and meet high requirements for insulation and soundproofing. We also produce fire-resistant doors and windows that meet EI30 requirements on a custom order basis.

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